Questions - Nobody Wants to Answer

I preached that message of "salvation" myself and thought I understood it as well as anyone else did. The problem is that one time I heard another preacher say: "Don't leave your brain in the parking lot with your car."

Then it hit me to start thinking about the very serious problems and real facts about my religion. Time to deal with - "THE QUESTIONS NOBODY WANTS TO ANSWER"

What about the Bible? Who actually wrote it? What was the original language of the Bible? - Hebrew? Aramaic? Koine Greek?
NOTE: - The Bible was never in English because English did not exist until after 1066 AD!

Does the Bible exist in the original form anywhere on earth? (No)

Why does the Catholic Bible have 73 books and Protestant Bible has only 66?

Why do these two Bibles have different versions of the same books?

Why are there so many mistakes and errors from the very first verse right to the very last verse?

Why do 'Born Again Christians' teach concepts that are not from the Bible?

There is no word "Trinity" in the Bible in any version of any language.

Old Testament says there is no Savior except God, Himself.

"Yet I am the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me; for there is no saviour beside me." [Hosea 13:4]